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A Good Man - Vanessa  Morgan Let's start with saying that I have never red a screen play before other than the classics. Really that means that I have read plays but not anything designed for tv production. It was a little weird to read at first because I am so used to reading novels. That being said, I can definitely see this as a tv series. I don;t know if it has enough content to be a movie, but the events in Louis's life could definitely be spread into a series. It needs a lot more fleshing out though if that is the case. I suppose that is pretty much my biggest issue with it. I think way more could be added. I felt like each scene was way too short. If acted out exactly as written, it wouldn't make it to an hour I don't think. It depends on how many liberties the producer and director take in the production of it.

Other than that...It seems like a really interesting concept. It is a vampire that has a desire to be more human, but at the same time he cannot deny his nature. He actually decides that he has to do something because a police officer has figure out that he isn't as young as he says he is and he pretty much insinuates that he knows Louis is responsible for the death of one woman from a dating site. It is pretty obvious that the officer understands that Louis is a vampire and he is giving him room to wiggle out of being caught. The only solution Louis has is to leave the country instead of giving the cop something else to investigate. Louis's biggest problem with this is his attachment to a human family. He decides (as per suggested from his vampire support group) that he must fake his death in order to give them the closure they will need to accept not having Louis in their lives. The result? Louis must deny his nature and give up human blood in order to put himself into a comatose state and fake his death. You will need to read it to see what happens...or see it when it comes on tv.

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