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Bound to You - Lola James The third, and I believe, final book in the Spellbound Series will leave you constantly guessing what is going to happen. At the end of the second book, Toni has been turned into a vampire after having Persephone, the wife of the Greek God Hades, try to kill her. Toni was just lucky enough to have had some of Ben's vampire blood in her system at the time of her death which technically saved her life. Perhaps we should really say that the blood has given her a new immortal life. After waking up from her death sleep, she finds herself in the arms of Hades and subsequently with Ben. She is in love with both of these men, but can only be with one of them. She is put in the awkward situation of having to pick between the man she had been spelled to never meet, but had loved for centuries, and the man who made her feel safe and whole in the life she was currently living. This entire story is about Toni trying to make up her mind which man she really wants to be with. Hades lets her run off to the life she is comfortable in while Ben tries to wine and dine her in the so-called life. Who will she choose? To what lengths are Ben and Hades willing to go in order to obtain Toni's love? Will Persephone try to kill Toni once again for being her husband's mistress and preventing her ultimate seat in Olympus? These are the questions you will be constantly asking yourself in this final installment of the Spellbound Series. I will say that I was super surprised with the ending. Parts of Toni's human life come back to haunt her while she is in the process of making her decision.