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Wilted Wings - Shadow Stephens Wilted Wings is the second book in Shadow Stephens's Broken Butterflies series. I read the first, Broken Butterflies, not that long ago in preparation for this tour. I love the butterfly theme running through these stories. If you haven't read them, it might be a bit of a spoiler for me to tell you that butterflies are related to angels. These stories are about angels and their fight against demonkind. Ilisha learned in the first book that even though she was human, she was really angel in human form. Angels can be born into the human race which causes them to lose all of their memories of being an angel until their human death. At that time they return to being an angel. Ilisha became an angel without a human death. I don't know for certain, but I think this makes her more vulnerable than a normal angel. She also has become a target. Demons are out to destroy her family in an attempt to take over her husband's realm. Damon, her husband, is technically the king of his kingdom, but since his mother is still alive, she is the real ruler. His realm is in turmoil, which you learn all about in this story. You learn how vulnerable it is and find out about some of the issues of other realms. There is no one place that angels come from, but rather many. Each one is a paradise in itself. However all of them are under attack. Will Ilisha and Damon survive the onslaught of demons reeking havoc in both the heavenly realms and on Earth? Will Ilisha's family be torn apart by a battle they previously knew nothing about? That is what you will have to read to find out.

For an Angel/Demon series, it's has a pretty good plot. There were times that I felt like I was getting more information than I needed, but more is better than not enough. The characters are good. You'll be surprised with what happens with Bram, from the first book. There's perhaps more intimate scenes than I really wanted, but that varies with my mood. Overall it's a good series. I liked the end. I think that this is probably only going to be a two part series, because it was summed up pretty completely in my opinion.

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