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Choices (Guardian Trilogy, #2) - Liz Schulte This story was hard to read at times because it switches between three different main perspectives. Once I got used to it and realized that each chapter was from a different person, it was really cool. I enjoy getting to find out how different characters view what is happening in the story. If you have read most of my character interviews, you know that I very rarely pick the main character to ask questions. I wouldn't need to do that for this story since you get Olivia, Holden, AND Quintus's views.

This story picks up from book one with Olivia having decided to follow the path she was born into, to become a Guardian. Essentially, she is a low level angel except she can die...again. She is reborn on earth as pure heavenly light and takes the shape of whatever her mental image of herself happens to have been when she died. Using her light, she is meant to help those in need on Earth, but only those the High Elder Guardians tell her to help. This is a problem for Olivia. She really didn't want to be reborn into the army of heavenly soldiers that just do as they are told. She thought she would be able to help anyone she found that needed it. She is different from other guardians because she is actually able to sense when someone needs help even if she is not the one scheduled to help that person. Most guardians can only see the ones they are assigned to. Instead Olivia can see everyone's pain and even decipher what is the cause. This is very unusual for a guardian and Olivia is not sure that this power is solely hers or if she is pulling it from her mental/physical bond with Holden.

Holden has spent the last three years waiting to hear that Olivia has returned and, dare I say, praying that she will return to him when she is reborn. He loves her dearly and has no clue that Olivia thought he had betrayed her at the end of book one, resulting in her death. Olivia's pain causes her to shut off their mental connection and to try to move on. She still loves Holden, but he is a Jinni and works for Hell. She's a Guardian working for Heaven. It's a doomed match up. Holden doesn't know that she actually is disconnecting from him and therefore throws everything he has into being the best Jinni he can be. This turns out to put him into a leadership role controlling all the North American jinn. He was really good at his job. Now if only Olivia would return so he could turn away from all his evil ways for her. His fear? Would she be able to accept all that he has done since she left him?

Finally, Quintus tells us the story from another Guardian perspective. He was Olivia's protector before she died and afterwards has been charged to train her in the ways of being a Guardian. The problem is that he started falling in love with her before death and being so close to her now has only made his love grow. He knows she still loves Holden. He knows she is having trouble moving on and being a good Guardian. He just can't stop his feelings which seem to be interfering with her training. On the other hand, Olivia seems to be extraordinarily good at some aspects of their job, so he thinks that she will grasp all the concepts will little help. He's wrong of course.

Where does all this lead us? While they are all trying to not be in love with each other, Guardians are disappearing, possibly dying. It looks like Holden might be behind it and the Elder Guardians have made Quintus and Olivia the chief investigators. Quintus is trying to keep Olivia and Holden apart by not letting Olivia know that Holden is there or that he might be the one responsible. Holden is trying to figure out what Juliet (Olivia's best friend from book one who killed herself) is doing as a Jinni and who she's really working for. Olivia is just trying to make it through each day by learning he job skills and NOT thinking of Holden. It's a hot mess and you will be shocked by the ending! Who is really responsible? Will Holden and Olivia ever be together again? What will happen when Olivia discovers her best friend is alive? Read to find out!

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