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Cowboy Moon - Cait Lavender Holy cow this was a good, quick read. I sadly read the entire thing in less than a day. I say sadly because I WANT MORE!!! Hank is a cowboy. A real true cowboy...with a wolfy side of course. Tammie is a 19 year old who has taken off to look for some fun. What she finds is definitely not what she expected. She and her best friend have traveled away from home to a rodeo. During their trip they run into Sam and Hank, two rodeo werewolves. They don't know they are werewolves at first, but it pretty much is love at first sight. In werewolf terms, that means Sam and Hank have found their lifelong mates. Of course this has a very tragic twist.

Tammie and Denise have been marked for dead by the upir, i.e. demons living in human bodies. Why? We really don't know. Hank falls for Tammie and Sam (hanks pack brother) falls for Denise pretty much instantly and take is upon themselves to protect them from the Upir. You will be shocked at how well the girls take finding out that they are in love with werewolves and how the story "ends." I put quotes on that because this story has one of the biggest cliffhangers I have ever read. It will definitely leave you screaming for more! It is fast-pced, sexy, sensual, and everything you could want from an alpha werewolf meeting his mate novel. I just want more!!

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