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Poppy the Proud (A Bird Brain Book)

Poppy the Proud - Emlyn Chand, S. Shaw Poppy the Proud is another bird book by Emlyn Chand that is designed to help teach children some lesson in a fun way. This particular story is about being too prideful. Poppy is a peacock. We mostly associate such words as regal, proud, elegant, and beautiful to peacocks because of their unique feathers, bright colors, and strut. Emlyn has used the image of a peacock to portray what happens when you are too proud and "expect" certain things to happen. Poppy was always adored and other animals in his park fawned all over him to give him whatever he desired. This had been the way things were his entire life until a solid white peacock showed up one day. In one day, all the other animals seemed to forget that Poppy existed. Well you can guess that Poppy was not happy about this. He decided that he needed to change his appearance in order to gain their attention once again. He tries a couple of changes that all result in him being a laughing stock, damaging his pride even more than being ignored. The result? Well Snow, the white peacock, eventually shows him that beauty is something that is really on the inside. He was beautiful on the outside before, but Poppy really needed to learn how to be beautiful on the inside. In other words, he needed to be less proud. Poppy learns his lesson and also makes a new friend. It's a very cute book. I love the art that appears in these books very much. I think kids of a wide variety of ages will find the story entertaining and perhaps learn the lesson as well.

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