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Crimson Flames (Crimson Series) (Volume 2)

Crimson Flames - Ashley Robertson I read Crimson Groves a while ago, and it took a little time for me to remember where that story left off. It wasn't long enough for me to recommend that you read them back to back, but that would probably be even more enjoyable. I was able to get into the book somewhere around five chapters and found myself trying to find more time to read more of it. It's a fantastic book! I loved every minute of it, though I could do with more details on Trace. *Fans self* He's a hottie for sure.

The first book in the series leaves off with Abby, the vampire/sorceress hybrid killing Bronx, the vampire who turned her, and sending the human she is in love with into hiding. Tyler was working with Bronx, but was somehow able to convince Abby that everything he did was either not in his control, was for money, or was to protect her. To me, I was not a big fan of Tyler. His explanation of not being able to do what he wanted seemed bogus to me right from the start since it didn't seem like there was a vampire able to truly control anyone. Tyler runs away from Abby with her promising to clear him of all the crimes he had committed once she was put into contact with the Vampire Council. This book starts with her meeting a member of said council. They want her to go to them and help destroy the resistance, which Bronx worked for. You are immediately shown the value of Abby's life. A hunter shows up before they even set out to find the council to kill her. Once they discovered that they couldn't control her, they put a death sentence on her. She spends the rest of the book trying to survive as well as learn all the powers that she has inherited from her mother's sorceress bloodline, a bloodline that is the only power strong enough to defeat the resistance. Or is it? You will need to read the book to find out if Abby is strong enough to defeat the users of black magic. Will she find Tyler and reignite that old flame? Or will Abby find herself in the arms of a new lover? Perhaps Stone, the vampire friend that has been helping her discover her true talents? Maybe it will be Trace, the swoony vampire I would love to read more about? It's another fantastic story by Ashley Robertson.

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