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Mind Over Matter (ASI, #1) - S.J. Clarke This story really gave me a lot to think about in the beginning. At the start, you are faced with Rebecca, a mother who lost her daughter three years ago, approximately. She was going through the motions of life, living as if her daughter were with her, but always reminded of her absence. She stayed in contact with all the authorities in order to keep the hope alive that some day she would be reunited with Sabrina (also called Bree). I was a little confused at first because she switched back and forth with referring to her daughter as Sabrina and Bree. It took a couple chapters for me to figure out they were the same person. Once that was clear, all I could think of was how horrible it must be to lose your child. I will be honest that there were moments when I had to stop reading because thoughts of losing my own son and then my marriage falling apart would drive me to tears. My heart was breaking for Rebecca as I read about her devotion to her child. What was more surprising was that her devtoion is to an adopted child. Sabrina is not hers by blood, but Rebecca loves her as if she were. That's not the case with her ex-husband and part of the reason he is her ex.

The story, if you couldn't tell from the first paragraph, moves quickly into the meat of it. There isn't a lot of time describing the characters or their past. That can be a positive and negative depending on how you like stories to flow. I liked that it jumped right in, but I was left confused at times trying to figure out what was happening. I will say that you do get enough information as you keep reading to figure it out. Everything is explained in due time. For instance, you do not find out what the "tragic mistake" is than Dan Cooper made until about 2/3 of the way through. He is very willing to help Rebecca immediately and you feel like it is mostly the physical attraction they have for each other, but his real motivation comes later. I won't tell you what that motivation is because it is a shocker worth finding out when reading. You will be amazed at who the culprits are and why they are kidnapping small children. Sabrina was just one of many.

You are probably wondering where the supernatural comes in. Rebecca has visions and is considered to be psychic. It turns out Sabrina is too, but she did not get that from Rebecca. This is really the only supernatural you will encounter in the story except for a brief glimpse of a ghost.

Overall I really enjoyed the story. It was a quick read. I read it in about 12 interrupted hours. If you enjoy reading about families that are separated and brought back together, this is definitely for you. There is a wonderful happy ending that will definitely make you smile.