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Magical Creations - Nicola E. Sheridan,  Alison O'Byrne (Editor),  Dawn Dominique (Illustrator) WOWOWOW! I could not put this book down. I read it in a record breaking 2 and a half days and that was with taking care of my son a visiting my mom for about 8 hours. What a unique story and interesting characters. My question to you is, do you get tired of reading about the same paranormal creatures all the time? If you do, "Magical Creations" is definitely great book to break up that monotony. I LOVE werewolves and enjoy vampires, but Nephilims, Demonspawn, and Genies are a very pleasant change of pace. Now if you are like me, you probably are wondering what a Nephilim is. The word seemed familiar, but I didn't know what it was exactly. It's a half angel. Nicola Sheridan takes on the idea that Nephilims can see souls and even move them around. Antigone (the nephilim main character) has always avoiding doing anything with souls until she is suddenly forced into servitude with the Magical Mafia. In order to not be killed by a Naga, Antigone swears allegiance to the MM and is trained in all aspects of souls. Many of her tasks would break any normal person, but she is strong willed and has a strong desire to be set free with Omar the Genie. They have an unspoken bond from the beginning of the book and both Omar and Antigone can think only of getting the other safe and free. They are separated when they become part of the MM, but time and space can't separate two destined hearts.

The only thing that could destroy the growing love between our main characters is the one creature that can control a nephilim...A demonspawn. Lucien is the half human half demon that has the power to control Antigone's body and make her do things she hasno desire to do. When Omar sees a video of the things Antigone is forced to do, he is faced with reliving his past and trying to understand how Antigone could claim she loves him while sleeping with someone else. Obviously the video can't show Omar how it is that Antigone ends up in Lucien's arms, but is the how really important when you claim to love each other? This is the dilemma that faces Omar as he comes to grips with his extreme emotional attachment to a woman he barely knows. I absolutely loved this story!