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Hunter Moon - Cait Lavender This was an absolutely fantastic read! I had a heck of a time putting the book down in order to take care of my normal daily activities (i.e. take care of my son, eat, sleep, etc.). Cait Lavender does a wonderful job in bringing the action and romance in this story about how a woman comes to accept werewolves in her life. Being that I knew the story had werewolves in it, I was able to see where some of the story was going when the main character Shelby could not. I think Cait did a wonderful job of demonstrating how a person could rationalize all the evidence of a werewolf in their life. Shelby doesn't even consider that Cash, her "boyfriend" is a werewolf until she sees it. She doesn't pick up on her wolfy friend "Fang" only being around when Cash isn't or at least that they are never in the same room. She doesn't notice that they have the same scent or same eyes. She chooses not to because that would mean she's going crazy right? That's what any normal human being would think. So whydo wolves keep showing up at her door when there are no local wolves in the region? She rationalizes that as well.

Shelby's biggest torment and it will be yours too is that Cash never takes the next step in their relationship. They have this instant attraction to each other and both even admit to wanting each other, but they never do the deed. You will spend time sitting in frustration and wanting to hit Cash for how often he backs away from Shelby leaving her hurt and confused. You will feel her pain and wish you could do something to help her out. There is no solution though without Cash admitting his secret. It was a wonderful read and one I cannot wait to continue when the second book comes out!