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Natural Selection - Elizabeth Sharp I don't read a lot about supernaturals that aren't vampires, werewolves, and witches these days. This story is about many other kinds of people. Nature spirits in particular are the focus of this story with the bad guys being witches. This is a wonderful story about what the author calls Otherwordly creatures. Amelia, the main character, is a Gaia (or nature spirit). She is completely unaware of what she is until it is nearly too late for her parents to tell her. Nature spirits undergo puberty over night with a few symptoms showing up a few weeks prior. Thankfully, even though her parents have kept her in the dark, Amelia is close to her family and tells them when strange things are happening. This gives them a very short warning that Amelia is about to change in a very drastic way. Unfortunately, there are people out there that believe that Otherwordly creatures are evil and should be eradicated from the planet. Amelia's transformation alerts these people of their existence and brings them to their front door (not literally). Amelia's life is turned upside down and in the end they are fighting for their lives.

I found this story to be quite interesting and the topic very refreshing. There isn't any point where you are wishing the action to happen faster or slower. The pace is easy to follow. There are times when you will be very sad for Amelia, but in the end you will feel hopeful. It doesn't end with exactly a happy ending, but you get the feeling that Amelia and her family have things under control. Once you read the epilogue though, you will definitely want to have book #2 waiting to be read. It gives the cliffhanger ending that you can avoid if you aren't ready to read the second book. Otherwise, you WILL WANT MORE!