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Identity Discovery

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Secrets: Guardian Trilogy - Liz Schulte The first thing I want to say about the book is I love the different perspectives for each chapter. There really are two main characters instead of the normal single main character. You have Olivia as main female and Holden as the main male. It is obvious since they alternate perspectives every other chapter that their destinies are intertwined. Olivia is a photographer with an unnatural ability to read people. She can figure out who they are in a matter of minutes. She can see their desires and tell when they lie. She is also a very trusting person even though she only has one really good friend and her mother. She buries herself in her photographs which tend to capture the essence of the person just as she is able to read them herself. Where Olivia is the light, Holden if her opposite. He is withdrawn and bored with life. He has no friends and doesn't even want any. He can read people's emotions as well, but he's better at affecting their emotions.

The bulk of this story is about how Olivia's life is pretty much destroyed. People she cared about (current or not) are killing themselves for no reason that she can understand. Holden keeps popping into her life which is leading her on, but then he pushes her away. He tends to act like he wants to be with her, but as soon as they start getting close to one another, he leaves. He won't answer any of her questions. You don't find out what Holden is until the book is almost over or why there is someone out to kill Olivia. The suspense will keep you turning the pages and you will lose hours waiting for the ball to drop. It's exciting (if not sometimes depressing due to the amount of grief Olivia goes through) and well worth reading.

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