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Eragon - Christopher Paolini I read this book a long time ago, but decided that it deserved a review. I know there was a movie made about it, and I loved the movie, but the book is different. They were able to incorporate a lot of the book into the movie, but there were several things done differently. There weren't enough differences for me to complain, but I seldom complain anyway.

Anyway, Eragon is a teenager who lives on a small farm. He does indeed learn that he is a Dragon Rider and hatches the egg containing Saphira. Saphira grows quickly and becomes very hard to hide. Luckily for Eragon, Brom is in his small village and helps him to learn his new role of Dragon Rider. Of course this happens after Eragon's farm is destroyed and family killed.

This entire first book is about how Eragon is training to become the savior of their world. It's enchanting and exciting. Every second is full of adventure. I couldn't put it own when I read it. I quickly bought book two after I finished this one and sat on my hands for what seemed like forever waiting for book three. I know book four is out now, but I have not picked it up yet. The reason? I want to read all three again before reading book four! I love this series!

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