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A Destined Death - Lisa Rayns Love that can span beyond all time and death. That is the underlying theme of this story. Elizabeth is a normal girl with big dreams. She intends to one day be a New York Times Best Selling Author (me too!). She has had this dream for so long that she took extra courses and summer college courses so that she could finish her college degree by the age of 20. Her plans are perfect with one problem. On her 18th birthday, she meets a man that she is instantly attracted to beyond anything she has ever felt for any other man. Draven gives Elizabeth a super expensive ruby and diamond necklace right then, but never tells her his name. Instead, he starts showing up to meet up with her during lunch breaks, never revealing information about himself, yet trying to convince her to change her priorities.

You may be wondering what happened? Well I hope you are. She finishes school, moves out, and begins her debut novel. Draven starts to open up, but then tells her that he has been stalking her and wants to kill her. Say what!?! She freaks out and runs away. She knows that she is destined to die young, so she starts to really live. Her many close encounters with death lead her back into Draven's arms. She has learned over time that her soul has been reborn several times. Draven has been a part of every life and intends to be apart of this life as well. However, if she dies again (not by his hands), he intends to die himself because his love is so strong that he can't live without her.

It's a wonderful story that will make you question whether you have found or ever will find your soul mate. Will that person be so selfless to let you live your life as you want it, but never be too far away? How much pain are they willing to go through to be with you? Would they die for you? I very much enjoyed the thoughts this story provoked.

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