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She Wulf - Sheryl Steines I read the first book in this series, The Day of First Sun, about a month ago. The story was unique then and I found this one to be just as entertaining. Annie Pearce and her boyfriend Cham Chamsky are Wizard Guard. They are wizards who protect the existence of the supernatural and keep wizards from abusing their powers. Cham is being groomed to take over the entire department and Annie is considered one of the best wizards they have. Together they are pretty much unstoppable, however now that they are dating, they can no longer work as partners. The emotional bond they have makes they do risky things in order to protect one another. Their relationship can actually be a danger to everyone else around them. Due to this, they have been assigned new partners which they are getting used to in this book. Initially, it feels as if they are going to end up working as one group of four since Cham cannot be unaware of what Annie is doing.

They both end up on two cases that collide and result in a portal into past being opened up and Annie, along with her partner Spencer, get sucked back in time. Cham is left depressed beyond belief because the love of his life may never be able to return. He and his partner Gibbs have to find a way to go back in time to exactly the same place that Annie and Spencer have gone to. Annie and Spencer on the other hand have to learn how to deal with Vikings, an ancient coven of witches, and regenerating demons. How will Annie and Cham ever be together again? What is the destiny and prophecy that keep being mentioned? Can Annie actually destroy an entire race of regenerating demons in order to save the human race? You will have to read to find out the answers to these questions. I thought the story was exciting and entertaining. I really enjoy reading Sheryl Steines's take on wizards. The ending was extremely shocking and I really am wondering where the story is going from here.

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