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The Gift - The Chronicles of Tucker Littlefield - Tegon Maus Welcome to the world of Fantasy. Tucker Littlefield wanders into a bar where he tells the story of Enon, his friend and the man whose soul he carries a piece of. You read that right. Tucker is the Soul Bearer. During a battle where Enon was attempted to be killed, Tucker joins the fight in an effort to help save him from the inevitable. During the fight, Tucker takes a mortal wound. Like in many myths/philosophies, Enon's life was in his debt, but in this world he also was given a piece of Enon's soul. What would cause these men to want Enon dead? He was part of another race that was humanlike, but extremely tall and strong. The King's niece is kidnapped. Enon and Tucker are sent on a mission to save the little girl which lands them in several life or death situations. This was one of them.

This story is a very exciting and fast paced read. You will get wrapped up in the descriptions of the types of people who exist in the world. You will love the uniqueness to the magic. You will also discover that some things are left unknown. My guess is that this will be a series since Tucker is telling his story where ever he goes as he is searching for the lost Enon. I enjoyed it very much.

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