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RESTLESS - Tawdra Kandle I have read all of the King Series by Tawdra Kandle. It actually was one of the first books I wrote a review for and I have been following Tawdra around ever since. I love how her books are truly YA. There is nothing in them that you wouldn't want your teenager reading. In fact, other than the paranormal elements, everything is something that your child will see in school on a daily basis. It is a series of life experiences that nearly every teenager can relate to. Even the paranormal elements are things they can relate too without actually being able to perform magic. I can explain this better by telling you a little more about this particular story.

Tasmyn was pretty much forced to take an independent study with Ms. Lacusta at the end of book two, but what you learn is that she doesn't really feel all that forced into it in book three. Ms. Lacusta decides to teach Tasmyn everything she knows about magic. She sees potential in Tas as her daughter's magical twin (that is explained in books two and three). Tasmyn eventually decides that it would be a good idea for her to learn how much magic she really can perform. Rather than learning it on her own, causing potentially bad things to happen, she sees Ms. Lacusta as the better of two evils, a mentor. What she does not realize is that she will have to tear apart her life as she knows it in order to gain control of the magic within her. She begins lying to nearly everyone. She does things to her friends that she normally would never do. She starts using people. All of these things are what our kids will eventually run into in one form or another. For Tasmyn, they were all because of her desire for power over the magical realm. She must learn some valuable lessons that will have even you feeling a little guilty. It's a very emotionally charged book, and I am looking forward to reading book four, Endless.

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