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Enchanted Hearts - Belinda Boring I am a huge fan of Belinda Boring, and this book is just another reason why. I literally read it in about six hours. I find her imagery amazing and she has a way to invoke the feelings of the characters in the reader. It's what I call fully immersive.

The story is about a love triangle between Aithne, William, and Hadrian. Aithne and William are both humans who grew up together and have been in love with each other without actually knowing it. Hadrian is a Fae Prince who is completely enthralled with Aithne. When they meet, Aithne falls instantly in love with him. He is the embodiment of her childhood fantasies. When she discovers that he is in love with her as well, she thinks her dreams have come true, that he will whisk her away to the Fae Realm to be his for all eternity. However, she soon learns that she could never live with the Fae. It's a realm of magic and only magical beings can survive there. Things only get crazier when she learns about William's affections toward her. She is torn between her childhood fantasies and a man that can give her the home and family she only just realized that she wanted. You will NOT be disappointed with this story!

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