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Consumed By Love - Pavarti K. Tyler This is a very short story of only about 5000 words. I read it in about half an hour. I will say that it is not for the faint of heart. I can honestly say that I do not know what the main character in this short story is. Some kind of transformation is taking place changing him from Human to something resembling a demon. You learn through the story that Hugo comes from an Indian heritage and the family has an issue with something taking over their body. When Hugo's father dies in the beginning, he goes into a form of depression that is really his soul fighting a battle between good and evil inside of him. There is only one way for him to not be catatonic...To become succumb to cannibalism. Who he decides to eat and how he does it is where the horror part of this short comes in. I am not going to explain that part just because that would leave you with nothing left to read. It is a disturbing story, but still has this element making you not want to stop reading.

The end of the book also contains the Prologue to Pavarti K. Tyler's Two Moon's of Sera (which I will be reviewing soon) and chapter one of Shadows on the Wall. Both give you just enough to tempt you to read both of these stories.

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