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Maddie World (The Three Lost Kids,  #3) - Kimberly Kinrade Maddie World is book three in the Three Lost Kids series. I have not had the privilege of reading the first two books, but you don't have to read them in order to understand what is happening. These books are all geared for early adolescents and each have some concept that might help make our children to grow into healthier, happier adults. This particular story is focused on Bullying. Maddie is bullied by a girl at school in the beginning and refuses to stand up for herself. No matter what her family tells her, she is determined not to go back to school to face her fears. In an effort to cheer her up, her two sisters take a cardboard box and turn it into "Maddie World." What they didn't realize was that as soon as they crawled into the box, it really transported them into Maddie World. Upon entering the new world, they are transformed into other people. For instance, Maddie becomes a fairy. Since the world is for Maddie, they are dropped into the middle of a Fairy War that will require bravery and self confidence to end. This is Maddie's task. She must end the war in order for them to return to their own world and to save Maddie World from destruction. Since it is a short story, I will not give away how Maddie saves the world, but she learns how to stand up for herself in the process. When she returns home, she is mentally equipped to handle being bullied at school. One of the things I really like about the story is that the end of the book comes with questions that you can use to help start a discussion about bullying and what to do to stop it. It's a cute story that will hopefully help the battle against bullying.

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