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Spring Break - L.C. Kanon This is one of those stories that makes me happy to not have had too many friends, especially rich, spoiled ones. The story starts out with the girls getting ready to get on a plane for Cancun. It is obvious that their is a fight brewing between them which we learn is the result of Eva sleeping with Gia's ex-boyfriend. You would think that after being apart for a year that Gia would have no claim over the man any more, or at least that is what Eva thought. Apparently in the spoiled diva code, once she dated him that made him off limits for all eternity. After reading a little bit about the storm that's coming, you will start questioning what terrible thing has been planned to remove Eva from their group. I honestly thought that the book description was talking about how the cartels got involved in killing Eva and what the other three girls had to do to pay them for their services. This is not correct though. What ends up happening is much much more dramatic and shocking.

Shocking is probably the best word to describe this book. You will never guess what is going to happen next. You certainly would not expect a couple of early twenty-something girls to be able to accomplish what they do. Their plans are spur of the moment and oh so effective. They have the two rivaling cartels second guessing everything they do. They also are so good at misdirection that both cartels are unaware that the "attacks" are coming from these unsuspecting (and unbiased) coeds. This isn't for the weak of heart. This is definitely for mature audiences. While not every adult situation is described in explicit detail, you know exactly what is happening at all times. It was very well written.

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