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The Three Lost Kids and The Death of the Sugar Fairy - Kimberly Kinrade This is a wonderful continuation of the Three Lost Kids series. Maddie is turning ten on Halloween and she and her sisters, Bella and Lexi, are going trick-or-treating. They get all dressed up only to discover that most of the houses just aren't participating. There aren't any other kids out. The homes are dark. That is they are all dark until them come across one that is completely decked out for the season. The three girls get so excited that they run to the house, abandoning their parents. They knock on the door and it opens. What to do? Well being 10, 8, and 6, they decide to go inside the "haunted house." At this point, the kids enter a new world where they are given the task to save the Sugar Fairy who is on her death bed lest Halloween will be forgotten forever. Of course they accept the mission.

This story is designed to help kids to understand a few things like working together an not to argue with your siblings so much. It teaches a little about the effects of eating too much sugar and a healthy alternative. It's a cute story and fast read.