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Courtney Saves Christmas - Emlyn Chand,  Noelle Giffin This is a cute story about a very adventurous penguin. Courtney wakes up one morning to discover presents. It's her first Christmas and Santa has given her a compass. She couldn't have even asked for better gift since she had spent most of her days wandering and exploring. The compass would help her to explore more without her fear of not being able to find her way home. So overjoyed with the gift, she embarks on a journey from the south pole to the north pole to say thank you to Santa. The trip takes her 364 days. She arrives on Christmas Eve and learns that Christmas is in danger of not happening because Rudolph is sick. What will Santa do without someone to guide his sleigh? In a moment of brilliance, Courtney says that Santa will have the answer since he is such a smart man to have picked out the compass for her. His solution is to give Courtney a single Christmas wish. She wishes to help Santa save Christmas. Her selfless wish is granted with her entire body glowing like Rudolph's nose. She helps lead the sleigh around the world with their final stop being to take her home.

It's very cute and the art is wonderful. I especially loved the dedication in the front (which will help explain why the series is A Bird Brain Book), "To all the lovely children who chase merrily after geese, imitate ducks' quack-quacking, and throw bread crumbs to swans. The birds love you, too. And they want to tell you their stories."

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