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High Above - Mari Freeman For how much I love dragons, I actually haven't read a lot of books about them. I did read a series about dragon shifters that was mostly enjoyable and that helped peak my interest in this story. I actually had been under the idea that the characters in this book were shifters, but I was wrong. High Above is about a race of mutated humans that have characteristics of dragons. Not everyone has all the same characteristics, except that they have wings from my understanding. Their wings might not actually be able to support their weight for flight. How did humans become mutated with dragon features? Well they aren't completely certain. It started happening generations after dragons destroyed the Earth as we know it. The different types of dragons completely obliterated our world with handfuls of humans surviving in hiding. Over time, these mutations showed up at the birth of new generations. It is suspected to come from the ash covering the planet from the dragon's fiery destruction.

This story focuses on two warring tribes of all-humans and crossbreeds in the California area. One tribe has been ruled to believe that the other tribe is a bunch of murdering savages in the mountains. That tribe simply kills to survive and also steals the limited fuel supply the Lax tribe. The leader from the mountain tribe, Rhone, is captured by Nyx, the leader of the Lax tribe where he he is tortured and loses his wings. Ketta, Nyx's sister, feels pity for Rhone and believes he is the one that will end everyone's suffering. The odd part is that Ketta is the only female crossbreed anyone knows exists. Rhone is instantly attracted to her. Will Ketta and Rhone become an item? Will Rhone unite the tribes and save them from destroying each other? Will Rhone succeed in waking the sleeping Dragon that supposedly will help Rhone grow back his wings? It's an amazing book that you will have to read to find these answers and more!

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