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Tommy Goes Trick-or-Treating - Emlyn Chand,  Noelle Giffin Tommy the woodpecker lives to watch the humans. He watches a neighborhood every day from the comfort of a high branch in a birch tree. He loves to do this so much that he puts up with the taste of birch even though it isn't his favorite. While watching the neighborhood one day He sees the kids acting very strangely. They are all wearing costumes and shouting at the doors. His friend Michael the raccoon shows up and tells him about Halloween. The two of them decide they want to join in the fun as well. It takes them a few tries to figure out the rules (I.e. say "Trick or treat", wear a costume, and knock on the door) but eventually they get someone open a door only to be denied their hard earned candy. The only solution they have after playing by all the rules is to steal the candy. They steal all the candy and eat until they have belly aches. The problem is that b there's way too much candy leftover. The lessons they learn? They shouldn't steal. They should share. Halloween isn't for animals. Of course they also learned how to properly trick-or-treat. This would be a great story for early trick-or-treaters. The art is as always wonderful and the lessons are all of great value.