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Desert Wedding - Penny Kim As most of you know, this is not my standard reading material. I decided to try to branch out a little bit. This story is all about all the b that can go wrong during the wedding planning process. Elsie has been through some of these issues before while planning her unfinished wedding and can see a lot of the troubles she had happening to her best friend Res. Res is African and has many traditions that are not held in the United States. She is marrying a westerner whose family will not accept her traditions. His family criticizes everything she does forcing her to change nearly everything about herself in order to fit into their mold. Elsie is downright depressed and ticked off at what everyone is putting her through. As maid of honor she makes her own opinions known causing Res even more stress than she had been feeling previously. In her attempt to help Res stand up for herself as well as plan her wedding for herself instead of a wedding for her future future in-laws, Elsie manages to alienate herself and get kicked out of the wedding.

That's not all the terrible things that happen to Elsie though. As you may have guessed, Elsie has her fair share of commitment issues from her own failed wedding. She never lived with a man and marriage is off limits for any conversation, unless of course it is someone else's wedding. At this point in her life though she been in an "open" relationship for three years. Ok...so it really isn't open. They agreed to an open relationship, but neither has dated another person the entire time they have been together. All the wedding preparations for Res has gotten to Elsie's boyfriend causing problems for Elsie at home. Will Elsie get over her fears of the "m" word? Will Res get the wedding of her dreams? Will Res lose herself to the pressure of being an American woman? Let's just say the book has a very interesting ending. I enjoyed the story, but I can definitely say that I am so very happy not to have experienced many of the issues presented. If that is how weddings are normally planned, no wonder Bridezilla was a popular show.

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