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Black Diamond Jinn (A Hot SF/Fantasy Novella) - Mary Hughes If you want a story that really jumps right into the climax (haha), you will find it right here! The story begins with a witch, Amaia Jones, discovering that the Mayan Doom is actually real. Yes I am referring to the day that the Mayan calendar ends which happens to be December 21, 2012 (i.e. this year). In this world though, witches are known and in the employment of the government. The entirety of their jobs is unknown to the reader, but you get the idea that they combat other witches and wizards to prevent major worldwide disasters. They also research artifacts that have imbued magical powers. Amaia is a research witch that has been put on the project Y12 to help spread world peace and prevent the Mayan Doom from occurring if indeed it is real.

Amaia discovers mathematical evidence to prove that all their peace efforts are failing. In other words, if enough people believe the Mayan Doom is real, it will become real. What she did not know was that even without the world believing it, it was going to happen because a witch or group of witches was ritualistically sacrificing other witches in order to foster their magic to release the nightmare gods. Other than creating such horrendous nightmares that all of humanity is paralyzed until their death, I don't know what else would happen if the catastrophe happens. The only way for Amaia to stop it is to call upon a Jinni and evoke venus magic. Venus magic is magic created through climaxing. You can guess the kind I am referring to. There are some very steamy scenes demonstrating the power of Venus magic that definitely are worth reading.

I don't want to give away much more than I already have, but will leave you with saying that I read this book in about five hours. I thoroughly enjoyed the characters and Mary Hughes writing style.

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