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Moonshadows - Claude Dancourt Have you read much about werecats? I love them and have read a few books about them. This one is all about a woman who is turned into a were-panther against her will (possibly even by accident). She has no idea what is happening to her so the first time she shifts into her cat form and kills a rat, she freaks out. She runs away from everyone she knows and loves in order to seek out information about what has happened to her. I think deep down she is actually searching for a cure. She denies her second self to the point of making herself physically ill. She is close to death when Erik, Mira's boyfriend at the time of turning, finds her hiding in Florida. Erik has been searching for her for no other reason than to get an explanation of why she left. I think he also just has to see her with his own eyes to truly believe that she is alive. What he doesn't expect to find is his beloved deathly sick, working in a bar, and never leaving the house during daylight. Mira's life has been completely turned upside down to a point where Erik struggles to recognize her.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story. It was interesting to read about how Claude Dancourt interpreted how a werecat would act as a human and in werecat form. I would have liked more actual werecat scenes, but the way I read it is that Mira "lost herself" every time she turned. In other words, she never remembers what happened once her cat took over. Great story though.

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