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Trolling for Trouble (MAUCs, #1) - Olivia Hardin This is a very quick read being that it is a free Novelette. I have read all of Olivia Hardin's Bend-Bite-Shift trilogy and her romance novel All For Hope. I enjoyed every single book so much that I decided it was time to read her MAUCs series. MAUCs are Magical And Undead Creatures. In this world some humans are aware that there's more than just themselves on the earth, but mostly MAUCs try to keep their existence hidden. Sometimes things happen that cause them to be discovered and someone like Lynlee has to step in to hide them again. It's kind of like Men In Black only with paranormal creatures instead of aliens. In this short story, Lynlee is faced with someone from her past, a human named Beck has come seeking her help with healing his daughter. Beck learned that Lynlee was a witch when they dated many years ago and decided that he couldn't handle being a part of her life. Now he has literally shown up in her house asking for her help with his magical daughter, only he didn't even know what his daughter really was. In the process of helping him save her, Lynlee discovers that her old feelings have only been buried deep, now uncovered with his very presence.

It's a wonderful story with a wonderful ending. I love how Lynlee interacts with the other characters. You will probably want to have Tangled in Trouble ready to be read as soon as you finish because while the story is summed up nicely, you will want to know more about what happens to Lynlee by the time you are finished with this one.

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