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Dressed in White - Jessica  Gibson Lorelei knows that her life is about to change. In the beginning of this story, she knows that her four year anniversary with Dillon is either going to result in a proposal or the end of their relationship. She hasn't put any demands on him to propose, but Dillon's strange behavior has her worried. Everyone else in her life is convinced that they are meant to be though. When the actual day comes, the inevitable happens and Lorelei is happily engaged. This is where things start to go down hill. The very next morning, a woman shows up at their home announcing that she is Dillon's wife, a claim that Dillon cannot deny. What is Lorelei to do? Stay with the man she loves while his divorce is worked out or leave him for his dishonesty?

This little hiccup is not the only one that Dillon and Lorelei encounter. His soon-to-be ex-wife causes all kinds of trouble causing Lorelei to continually doubt how honest Dillon has really been. Lorelei's sister Kayla also moves in with them announcing that she is pregnant and alone. Their jobs cause continuous stress, but nothing that threatens their upcoming nuptials.

I gave this book four roses because I liked it, but the characters kind of drove me nuts. In reality, they probably acted exactly like two people put in such a stressful situation would, but I just didn't like how Lorelei seems to always run away from her problems. She tries to leave Dillon a couple of times. The last time she does, I wanted to scream at her because Dillon was doing everything he could to remedy their situation. Otherwise, it has an interesting story.

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