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Mirror Deep - Joss Landry A mystery well worth reading! This book is full of romance, tension, and mystery. Kat is basically a horse whisperer. She knows ways to get horses to calm down and take to their training with very little effort on her part. This is due to having grown up on a horse farm and taking part in the training classes, dressage events, and pretty much everything else you can imagine a place like that would have. The only thing she didn't really have a part in was the paperwork that kept the place running. Her parents raised her to be one with the horses. However, her life is twisted out of her control. She finds out that she is adopted and sadly, her birth mother has just passed away. In an attempt to connect with her real family, Kat is thrust into several murder investigations. She becomes a target herself, but no one knows why because until recently no one even knew that she existed. I mean that to mean that no record of her birth was kept on file and her adoption was so private that even the lawyer involved happens to be her "uncle." 

I loved how the characters interacted with one another and how sweet the romance blossomed within the story. Everything felt very real and I felt like I knew the characters well enough to not only understand their actions, but sometimes predict them as well. I don't always like mysteries because I tend to figure out "who dunnit" before I am even halfway through the book. That is not the case with this one. I don't think I figured it out until I was about 90% through the story. I loved everything about this book.

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