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The Posse - Tawdra Kandle What an amazing story! I loved Tawdra Kandle's King Series and was surprised when I learned that she was going to write a contemporary romance novel. This story will have you thinking about you would expect to happen to you if your significant other passed away. Jude's husband Daniel, a man that she loved from childhood and had never thought to see anyone else as a potential suitor, died of cancer a year before this book takes place. These two were your picture of to people who were always meant to be, but now she has to learn to live without him. Thankfully, his group of friends, which had become hers as well, step up to make sure she's ok. She never expected though that the unmarried ones would take that to mean that they should try to take care of her in more ways than friendship. The Posse, as they called their group, made a deal to try to woo Jude and see if anyone would be a suitable fit for her as a companion, possibly even lover. The first half of the story is about their attempts at figuring out if anyone can actually think of Jude as more than their best friend's widow or as a sister. The second half will have you grinning and crying from the obstacles that face Jude and her friends. It's such a touching story that I couldn't put it down. It's extremely believable. Honestly, I can only hope that my friends (or my husband's) would be so nice as to think of me like the Posse thought of Jude. We actually have a group of friends like the one in the book, so it's possible that it could happen. That just made this book touch home even more for me. I loved it.

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