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To Love A Wolf - B.K. Walker This is a very quick, very adult read. I don't read a lot of stories from the male perspective, so that was very intriguing to me. Cevin, the main character, is experiencing some very weird, very realistic dreams. He and his fiance are attending medical, so for the most part he attributes these strange dreams to the stress of finals coming up. He is very surprised when he discovers that events in the dreams had actually happened to him leaving scars as proof. The good side? The dreams are completely sexual, so his love life with his fiance has taken a turn towards insistent. He wakes up from the dreams ready to go. Sam, his fiance, doesn't mind until she discovers the real reason for his unfulfilled state. Cevin also learns that his family has been keeping secrets from him, secrets that will change his life over the course of a handful of days. He has a destiny to become alpha of a wolf pack, a destiny he cannot deny or ignore. What I really liked about this story was the ending. I believe it has been written so that there can be a sequel, but you will be happy with the end either way.

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