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Learning to Trust (Learning Series - #1) - Cynthia P. O'Neill This is a straight up romance/erotica story. Nothing that happens in this book is considered vulgar so I can safely say that it probably won't offend anyone that is into this type of story. Laurel is graduating from college and ready to move as far away as possible in order to escape a very traumatic experience that has been haunting her for a long time now. She wants to find a job that will take her across the country even though it means leaving her family behind. It's the price one pays for running away from their past. When she first sees Garrett though, she discovers feelings she has never felt before coming alive. At first, this is a problem because she doesn't intend to stick around to find out what those feelings really are, but that all changes when he offers her a job in Orlando, FL...far far away from where she is now. He confesses having strong feelings for immediately and so their exploration begins.

The book is primarily about Laurel learning to trust Garrett's sexual desires. They are in a relationship, but she doesn't know what exactly to call it because in truth she knows next to nothing about him...well other than how to drive him crazy and to please him. It's not until very close to the end of the book that she learns his deep secret and decides that her trust in him was misplaced, that is until her past comes back to haunt her.

So what did I think of the book? It's very well written. If you want to read an arousing book, this would be a great one to look at. As for the story line, I found it pretty unbelievable. After the trauma that Laurel endured I didn't see how she would ever trust a man like Garrett. What I wasn't crazy about is that Garrett is a very domineering and controlling man. I can't picture a victim like Laurel ever trusting a man that is so controlling that he picks out her clothes for her every day. He is also is the type of guy to tell her exactly what to do and when in bed. I am not saying that it is nice to be dominated sometimes in bed, but not all the time or the way he does it. The way he talks during those times would make me feel violated. She claims to like it most of the time because she doesn't have to think at all, but this is a girl with a degree in a really advanced field of study. She's supposed to be super smart, but she allows him to control her. It is a source of confusion for her. I just don't think someone from a similar situation would ever allow that to happen unless she's truly going to be a victim all her life. There's a cliffhanger at the end which will probably force me to read the next book just because I want to see if this girl gets her act together and takes control of her life.

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