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Fate's Design - Lola James I could not put this book down for the two days. The description does not indicate to you that there are supernatural beings in the story, but rather that there are supernatural events. I was pleased to discover that you actually encounter the supernatural in it, since I love supernatural. Megan is not an ordinary girl, but she is the ordinary twin. Her sister is the one everyone pays attention to. Flamboyant, girly, and outgoing, that's Morgan. Megan kind of lives in her shadow and is the tag along twin. That's ok for the most part for both of them except that Megan hasn't really fallen in love and her sister falls in and out of love too quickly. Unfortunately, Morgan gets around a little more than she should and that will lead to some interesting situations and to Megan's destiny as well. This book is focused primarily on that, Destiny or Fate. Lola James takes the attitude in this story that everyone has a predetermined fate. If you know your fate, you can change it with minor incidences, but primarily you are stuck. This is where Alexandros comes in. He is messing with Fate the entire story. He knows some of Megan's fate but actually confuses her with Morgan in the start of the story which is one of those minor incidents that just may change Megan's destiny.

There is something of a love triangle...or even a quadrilateral at one time. Ordinary Megan becomes a hot commodity and attracts the attention of two men at first and third for an ever brief moment in time. Megan's dreams, which we learn are more like visions, show her with a gorgeous hunk of a man, but she can't figure out which one. Her dreams shift between the two men she is so completely attracted to, only to find out that a witch has actually been tampering with her dreams. She really has no clue which of her dreams were true visions or someone else's ideas put into her head. This leaves her confused about which man she is really supposed to end up with and if she is messing up her own fate by choosing one or the other. She is told at one point that trying to avoid or change your fate purposely will only lead to disaster and put her right back on course for what was being avoided. A lesson a friend learned the hard way. With the knowledge that some of her visions were real and others figments of another's imagination, she ends the story picking one man and wondering what her future really holds.

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