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Smoke and Magic - Patti Larsen What an amazing story! I am actually wondering how to get my hands on the next one in the series to review now that I have finished the first one. I absolutely loved Auburdeen's character. She is a young and impulsive witch whose instincts are stronger than her own self-importance. She jumps into things without thinking of what it could mean for her and definitely attracts a lot of danger and excitement. What is funny is that apparently her mother was the same way at her age. Why is that funny? Well Burdie (as she likes to be called) is sent to stay with her mom's old best friend in London and really expects that she will learn a lot of dirt on what her mom did back then. She also expects to be able to have those same experiences since Georgina (her mom's best friend) was involved in all those activities as well. Her mom even sends a letter to George (as she tends to be called) telling her that she hopes their daughters can be friends like they used to be. You are led to believe that the two girls might get to have some real life experiences and come to realize how sheltered the London Coven's lives really are. George has instead taken on the attitude that what she did when she was younger is not anything appropriate for a 16 year old to do in this age. This means Burdie is confined and bored. As you can expect, a bored teenager goes looking for excitement and that is exactly what she finds. Her world comes crashing down around her. You are left wondering how Burdie will ever get her life back to normal or IF she ever will. It has an amazing cliffhanger. YOU WILL WANT MORE!