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Fearless (King Series, #1) - Tawdra Kandle I will tell you that I struggled at first to get into the book, but that is not because of the story. It was a HUGE shift from the book I read before it. That being said, it was a wonderful story. Tasmyn is the main character, a junior in high school. She's been moved around a lot due to her father's job (no she's not a military brat) and she has struggled to have anything that resembled a friendship due to both her gift and moving around. She has learned to tune out the thoughts of others. What I mean by that is that she hears people's thoughts as if they are talking to her. This means that like someone who really is talking to her, she has to concentrate not to hear those thoughts. What this means is that she appears aloof and uncaring of what others are actually saying to her because she is actually focusing on their spoken words instead of thoughts. It's a catch 22. People think she isn't listening to what they say because she has to concentrate so much on exactly what they are saying. It results in very little friendships until she moves to King, Florida. This town is full of old mysterious history which actually is a good thing for Tasmyn. She fits in without even knowing that she does.

One of the aspects of the story that I really liked was that Tasmyn falls in love for the first time with Michael. Michael has a family history of the male line falling in love with a girl and never falling out. They love only one and really don't pay attention to girls until they meet that one. Love at first sight is their curse/blessing depending on how you want to see it. Luckily Tasmyn falls in love right back. Like teenagers, they move fast and admit their feelings very quickly. However, unlike most teenagers, they do not consummate their love. I really liked how Tawdra Kandle (author) hints at what they could be doing, but then makes a point that they actually are not doing it. Both Michael and Tasmyn avoid situations where they could get themselves in trouble and both respect each other enough to not jump into a physical relationship too quickly. Now-a-days teenagers get physically involved very early (I was one of them) and it can have devastating results. I feel like this story gave a really good positive example for how a loving teenage relationship can be without that physical intimacy. I applaud Tawdra's ability to write a paranorml romance without the steamy scenes since her story is one a teenager is likely to want to read.

So if you are interested in reading a light paranormal romance, this is definitely a good book for you. I say light paranormal just because there aren't any vampires, werewolves, or other shape shifters. That's not to say that there won't be further along in the King Series, but this book does not contain them. It is strictly an empath and witchcraft. This is definitely a great book for your teenagers if they are into the paranormal.