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Howl (Kane Wolves, #1) - Annalise Grey This was a wonderful werewolf story. I LOVE werewolves, so when I saw this book, I had to read it. I will say that I kind of wish that there were more scenes of the characters actually being werewolves. This story focuses a lot on how a family of werewolves are living as much like humans as they can. The entire family lives together in a very secluded national forest, but they hold real jobs and interact with humans enough to not seem like recluses. Unfortunately that is also the main problem encountered in the story. Sophie falls in love with a human which is pretty much their primary werewolf law not to do. No human lovers are allowed, especially for the women. Why? Because the werewolf gene is passed through the women and not the men. If a male werewolf were to get a human woman pregnant, there is really no need to worry since the offspring will be human. However, all werewolf women will have wolfkin babies no matter who the father is. It is quite a dilemma for Sophie because she is also not supposed to reveal her true nature to any humans. The reason for this is your normal situation where humans can't process something so out of the ordinary. There is a lot of other history involved in this, but you should read the story to discover all of that.

I must admit that the love scenes in this story feel rushed a bit. However I am used to reading stories where an entire chapter might be dedicated to such a thing. I felt like details were left out, but that was probably on purpose. This book is suitable for teenagers as a result. Also, I wanted to scream at the end. It has an amazing cliffhanger if you are one of those people that like to see the main character end up with the man (or woman) you wanted for them. This story leaves only a hint of who Sophie will end up with, but no definite answer. I sat there trying to flip to the next page on my nook hoping it would say something about Sophie's decision in her mate. It's not like the book doesn't end happily, but rather ends with you knowing that there is a lot of work ahead for Sophie and her family. It's a realistic ending for a supernatural story.