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Identity Discovery

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Craved - Stephanie   Nelson I had trouble putting this book down. I found it to be a very intriguing read. My experience with reading about witches is pretty limited, but I thought the witches in this story were wonderful. No witch is exactly like the next witch. They also don't necessarily come from a long line of witches. Instead, like Gwen Spark's character, a witch could have human parents and the magic chooses them, changing their destiny. The magic that chooses the witch also is not the same every time. Witches can have a nature affinity, be spirit walkers, telekinesis, conjure objects out of thin air, or summon magic into their hands (like shooting lightning bolts from their fingers). Any witch can have a combination of these skills and with varying skill levels. I thought this was a wonderful way to handle the different arts of magic. They do have spells they can cast and learn, but not everyone is able to do everything. I really like that because I feel like that will keep witches on equal footing by not knowing what every witch can do.

I absolutely loved the way Gwen and Aiden interacted and how author Stephanie Nelson was able to get across Gwen's past relationship pain. I felt like she did a wonderful job showing how Aiden was wearing down Gwen's defenses. He spends a good portion of the chapter trying to woo her as well as convince her that she is only his. There are definitely some hot scenes that will leave you wanting to read more. Gwen spends the entire book torn between her ex-lover, her current insistent beau and trying to solve murders targeting witches like herself. I thoroughly enjoyed how the story line worked all three major elements together. When Gwen's ex-lover Micah enters the picture, you don't feel like he is just there for a love triangle, but rather he is there to help move the plot along with the murders (he's a cop). A very good read!