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Deceived (Gwen Sparks, #2) - Stephanie   Nelson After reading Craved, I wasn't really sure what direction Deceived would take other than the obvious insinuation that Gwen Sparks would be betrayed in some sense. What I discovered shocked me. Poor Gwen is betrayed more than once and her life is turned upside down. In Craved, she had learned that she was actually part Spirit Walker, which meant she had a connection with ghosts. At least that's all she thought it was. In reality she has a connection with the entire world of the dead including being able to have out of body experiences where she is still capable of all her powers as a witch. In my experience, most authors take the idea of astral projection to be the person floating outside their body and unable to do anything. Stephanie Nelson gives it a whole different perspective that I found refreshing and very enjoyable.

I will say to those people who are really picky, there are some typos in the book that I actually didn't really notice until I read another person's complaining review about the typos. I think the story is good enough that you can ignore those just to enjoy the story. Instead, find yourself caught up in Gwen's desire to be with her beloved vampire Aiden while trying to learn to be a spirit walker from the hunky angel of death Dorian, training for the upcoming Vampire-Witch war, and overall wishing to return to her "normal" life. I don't want to give away too much about the plot because it will surprise you and you deserve to read it yourself. Let's just say that at the end, you aren't sure who will win over Gwen. Will Aiden be the only one for her or will Dorian weasel his way into her heart? Personally I am cheering for Dorian. I just hope that in the next book, Coveted, that Gwen will get to see what Dorian REALLY looks like. It's exciting and will leave you wanting more!