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Abstrus: The Planet Abstrus Series: 1 - tkRayford Are you interested in reading about aliens living on Earth? That is the overall theme of this story. When I first read the description of this book, I didn't think aliens. I saw paranormal and immediately thought supernatural, i.e. witches, vampires, werewolves, etc. I am perhaps ruining a little of the story by telling you that it is about aliens, but it was something that I was surprised to find out since I don't read these types of stories. That being said, it was a really good story. It's not one of my favorites. The main character Lexi has a rather whiny internal monologue. You know from the description that Lexi's mother disappeared six months before this story is taking place, but you don't really learn anything about why or how until chapter five. That means you have four chapters of wondering, "Did she die? Did she run away? Where did she go if she ran way? Did she just abandon her family to be with a lover?" Questions like these filled my head until I got more information in chapter five and that wasn't much. You don't REALLY learn what happened until about two-thirds of the way through the book. Not that that is a problem. The issue I had was listening to Lexi complain about the raw deal she has been given. She doesn't verbally sound whiny to other people in the story. She is actually very strong in appearance to the other characters in the story. TK Rayford actually does a great job in showing how what someone shows to others may not actually be how they feel on the inside. I felt like I could connect to Lexi in that since I have to be strong on the outside to everyone around me, but on the inside I am normally tearing myself apart emotionally. That personal conflict is wonderfully demonstrated. It is well written and a good story. Well worth reading even if you don't like to read about aliens.