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The Dragon Boy: Book One of The Star Trilogy - Donald Samson It's not a supernatural story like I have been reading lately, but this story jumped out at me. It just looked like one of those stories that I could read to my son at bedtime soon. We LOVE dragons in this house, hence naming our son Drake, and therefore I really want to have a collection of stories about dragons that he can be read/read himself later. The Mom's Choice Award said it was good for children and the Moonbeam Children's Book Award said that kids like it.

My Opinion of the story? It took me a couple days to read it, mostly because I had a hectic weekend that left me so tired I couldn't concentrate on it. Overall though, I LOVED it. It was a wonderful story about a little boy who is being hidden away with a old lady that had changed the town where they lived by bringing a Luck Dragon home to stay. This boy is special, but no one knows why. Lady Galifalia, the one who brought the dragon and is now raised said boy, has the honor of being blessed by the dragon Star twice a year. She in turn has him bless the child in order for them to get used to each other's smell. When The Lady dies, the boy (yes he is without a real name for much of the story), is sent into poverty and learns to take care of himself on the streets. The only solution he can see to his miserable life is to prove to the guards that he can be a stable boy for the dragon. He takes on the nickname Straw since no one wants to call him Boy. He is strong, courageous, and determined. He becomes the only non-noble in the compound working with Star every day. He becomes The Dragon Boy.

Scared of nothing and more hard working than any other person there. He shows loyalty to his job and his strict adherence to the rules. The only rules he ever breaks are the ones that Star insists he breaks for their mutual benefit. Star and Straw spend their days talking, bathing, and dueling. It turns out that Straw is the first in many many years to be able to talk to Star. Star is so happy that he decides to train Straw in the ways of the knight. Star has determined that Straw is meant to be a traveling knight whose destiny is to be better than any other knight alive. The only thing that will ever stop Straw will be a dragon, but even that is questionable since Star gives Straw the secret to taming dragons.

The story ends with Straw riding away on his dragon steed (not a dragon but a horse that has no fear of dragons) to find adventure and to help the weak. His days of a wandering knight have started and where they will go will only be determined by reading Book Two. That review will be coming along shortly.