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The Dragon of Two Hearts: Book Two of the Star Trilogy - Donald Samson Yet another amazing book that I think my husband and son will love! This story takes place approximately 15 years after the first book "The Dragon Boy." I say approximately because the knight Michael isn't really sure how long he has been a wondering knight. It has been so long that it's almost all he can remember of his life, other than being trained to be a knight by the luck dragon Star. He has spent all these years wandering the country, helping people in need, and trying to find a dragon. Yes he is on the look out to find a dragon to do battle with because that was indeed what he was trained to do.

At the start of this story, Michael has heard of two possible dragons. One is at a city that has rumors of having great prosperity. This means that they probably have a luck dragon staying with them. Michael wants to see the luck dragon for himself in case it is his beloved Star, but can't bring himself to travel there. Why? He believes that Nogardia is in that direction and since he was exiled from there, he really can't risk getting close to it. The other rumor he has heard is of a city being plagued by a wild dragon. One that has destroyed homes and lands. This is where Michael is headed. He just may be able to go rescue the city from this destruction and prove to himself that he really was trained to take on dragons. You probably wonder why he feels compelled to prove himself when he was indeed trained by a dragon. Michael has come to doubt he was trained to take on a dragon other than Star and being that Star was tame, it is possible that Star held back on him. That little bit of doubt and also his own pride has led him here to take on the dragon Scorch, for indeed there is a wild dragon in need of taming.

I won't tell you how Michael comes to find himself doing battle with Scorch or how the battle turns out other than to say that Michael wins. If he didn't, there would be no need for a third book. This is a beautiful story about how a knight takes on his destiny and even falls in love. He learns about his true heritage and will soon become a king by marrying the princess. It is exactly the kind of tale you would read to both your sons and daughters. I can't wait for Drake to be ready for it. He will love every minute of the action and dream of slaying dragons himself one day. I am looking forward to the third and final book.

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