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Legion of Bats - Shadow Stephens I had a tough time putting this book down. It took me about 2 days total to read it. If you like to read about a multitude of types of supernturals, this is definitely a book for you! In this story, the supernatural people are called Endowed, Guardians, Trackers and Assassins. There are of course humans on earth as well, but they take a very minor role in the story. The Endowed appear to be the primary race, or at least that is what King Peter intends for the majority of the book. Since this is a mixed world, the ruler of the Endowed is called the king in order to help differentiate from the President of the United States. Well King Peter has made laws and ruled their world with the sole purpose of the Endowed being in control and all other races are subordinates/slaves. The Guardians are bonded with others (not sure if they are only bonded to Endowed though), but King Peter has ruled that Guardians are actually slaves. They are made to serve the king in whatever way he insists on. In many instances they forced to leave those that they are bonded to making their lives difficult.

The primary ruling of King Peter that it is illegal for the mixing of races. This is the focus of the story and what has made Zoe's life a mess. Her parents did not believe in this law because her mother was an Endowed and her father was a Guardian. Zoe is herself a mixed race child and was condemned to death upon conception. Her parents also had a death sentence put on them as soon as the "tied the knot" which is why Zoe was put up for adoption and her parent's disappeared. Her life has been kept a secret from her for 25 years, on purpose, and after a really bad accident she is "committed" to a mental hospital that turns out to be a safe house for Endowed. While there she discovers she has a personal Guardian that she has only seen a few times but has been with her for her entire life. Once she discovers him, she finds herself torn in her attraction to another Endowed named Todd and her Guardian Icarus. She is unaware about the laws against being with a Guardian so her love life is completely decided by her own heart and she is shocked by the racism she discovers as she becomes more aware of her real world. She is determined to end the hatred and racism in order to make their world one where you are free to love who ever you want. Her little love triangle does cause a minor disturbance in the story and is only resolved when Zoe finds herself pregnant. I won't say who the baby belongs to or who she ends up with, but I will say that the baby's life is the only reason she continues to live towards the end of the story when her husband is murdered at her best friend's wedding. How's that for drama for you? Will Zoe find the will to keep living without her heart and soul? Will the baby survive the massive war that is brewing between the King Peter's loyal subjects and the true heirs to the throne? You'll have to read the book to find out!

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