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Darkness Becomes Her - Jaime Rush First thing to say about this book, Not recommended for a young audience. I would say late teens and up depending on their maturity level. That said, I LOVED IT. I read it in less than 24 hours total and that was while watching my son. I could not put it down. I had to read it on my iPod because my nook wouldn't recognize it for whatever reason, but it was so good that I didn't mind. Also, this was an ARC book so it has not been finalized for production. I have one suggestion in that department.

This story takes on three different perspectives throughout. You see things through Lachlan, Jessie, and Russel's eyes. This happens through out the entire book and sometimes switches perspectives in each chapter. The hardest part about the read was realizing when the perspective was shifting. It could have just been how the iPod viewed the story, but I think that there needs to be some kind of line to split the sections to let the reader know that you are changing to someone else's view point. Most of the time it is very easy to recognize that you have had a scene change, but every now and then I would have to pause and reread a paragraph just to make sure I knew who was telling the story at that time. It's really the only complaint I have at all about it.

To the story...It is hot hot hot! You will be surprised by the way the events turn out and what an amazing job Jaime Rush does at character development. Lachlan is a Scottish decended barbarian at times who has turned monk after an act of violence he cannot forgive himself for. His part in the story is of a man who is trying to regain his honor through discipline and the absence of temptations. Jessie is the one tormented by Darkness, a supernatural element from another dimension that has been passed on to her from her father, a being from another dimension. He mother was killed when she was ten, her father killed (as far as she knew) and her uncle's soul living in her father's body. She loves life even though she lives in constant fear as her uncle has been hunting her down for the last two years. She indulges herself whenever she has the money to do so and feels this driving need to help others even when she feels that there is no help for her. Finally, Russel is Jessie's uncle trapped in her father's body. Russel is trying to get Jessie in order to reincarnate Jessie's mother, the true love of his life. Jessie is unaware of what is driving her uncle through most of the story and therefore believes he is just out to kill her, which really isn't that far from the truth. I won't tell you about that because that's best read in context of the entire story.

Jessie is hiding in the town near Lachlan's home and actually is "dating" Lachlan's brother Magnus at the start of the story. I say dating in quotation marks because really Magnus is pursuing, but they haven't actually dated yet. Jessie had the intention to date Magnus for a short period of time, but nothing serious because she fears the Darkness inside of her would eventually kill anyone she fell for. Events take a huge turn when Russel kills Magnus and forces Jessie to use her Darkness powers to bring him back to life, which is done at the insistence of Lachlan who has no knowledge of what Darkness is. Magnus is out of commission the rest of the story after this, but alive. This event cause Lachlan to insist that Jessie stays with him while they find a way to destroy Russel. Lachlan insists that Jessie is no longer alone in this fight and it is his responsibility to protect his brother's girlfriend so that once Magnus awakes, they may continue their relationship without fear of the future. What Lachlan doesn't realize is that Jessie has more in common with him than he could possibly imagine and he finds himself strongly attracted to her. He also doesn't expect the return of the attraction from her. There are several very intense scenes that will drive you wild. They are not like any scenes I have ever read in another book. I applaud Jaime's creativity in that department.

What happens as they learn more about the Darkness within Jessie? What powers does Lachlan posses? Are they destined to be together and defeat Russel? Will Jessie ever see her father's soul returned to his body again? You will have to read the story to find out when it is released! You will love it!

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