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Straight to Hell - Michelle Scott This is a very interesting take on a supernatural creature that I don't know a lot about. Succubi are not a topic often covered by authors, but that is exactly what Lilith Straight became upon her death. It turns out that it is a family curse pretty much. It goes all the way back to the Salem Witch trials where a woman who was accused of witch craft actually turned to the devil to get herself out of being killed as a witch. Ironic huh? In order to not be killed, the devil (or whoever was her contact brokering the deal) put a demon inside her in place of her soul. What I found so interesting about this story is that the succubus and incubus demons actually do not HAVE to be sexual to get what they desire. They use their whiles to get what they want, but in several cases Lilith simply figures out what the person's desire or weakness is and uses it against them. In the end, she has the ability to be as sexual and cruel as she wanted.

The problem that Lilith has is that she loves. It is the one emotion that is forbidden in hell and she doesn't know how to give it up. She's a mother and feels that she cannot give it up. Even though her mother had been a succubus before Lilith was and her mother had actually given her up at the age of three to give her the life she deserved, Lilith cannot bring herself to do the same thing. This is because her ex-husband doesn't care about what Grace (their daughter) wants. Giving up Grace would not be her best interest, so Lilith uses her love to be her little defiance of Hell seeing as she didn't sell her soul willingly. This causes a lot of problems and even causes Lilith to seek out Jesus to find away to end this family curse. What she learns from Jesus will surprise you! It was a very interesting read and very different from anything else I have read.

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