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A Chance of Fate (Dominion Creek Pack, #1) - Emleigh Walsh I love werewolves. This story is one where werewolves are known to the world as well as magic users, the Fae, and vampires. What would a world like that be like? Well the story doesn't focus on the effect of knowing the supernatural are real has on the world, but rather on how relationships come about when it has been widely accepted. Steph (as she is primarily called in the story) is a normal human who literally runs into Chance, a werewolf, and finds an instant attraction. Steph figures out what he is based on his behavior and some instinct about him. However, Chance also has insight into Steph because it turns out that his human side and wolf side instantly want Steph in their lives. They are what is called True Mates.

The story bounces between their perspectives and has minor moments of other people's perspectives as well. You get to learn a lot about Steph's past because it comes to haunt her. She was married to a human really young and he ran off with almost all of her money. After draining most of her accounts (he thought he had drained them all), he files for divorce leaving her with nothing. Steph struggles to get her life back in order with the help of her good friend Dane. The two of them have even decided to open an internet cafe together. They are in the process of preparing for their grand opening when Steph meets Chance. Chance is instantly jealous of Dane because he thought they were a couple until he learns that Dane actually prefers men like Steph does.

The other perspective we see is from Chance and how he is learning to live with the idea of having found his True Mate. He has to find a way to convince Steph that they are destined to be together before the next mating ceremony which is at first only 15 days away. Luckily for Chance, she doesn't need too much convincing really. But what happens after they accept fate and try to be together? You will be shocked to learn about Steph's true nature and how jealous a werewolf female can be. The ending will shock you and leave you wondering what will happen next? It is pretty obvious there's going to be another book in this series, but you will feel closer about Steph and Chance. I think the next book is probably going to focus on a different member of the pack.

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