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Silver Knight - Caron Rider This story has some really interesting takes on historical myth and fact. Diana is a 17 year old girl who is excited about becoming a senior in high school until she sees a YouTube video of priest that she somehow recognizes. She even knows him by name and understands that the video is asking for the Warriors of Light to come to Rome, of which she is one of those warriors. Up until this point, she has been plagued by dreams of demons and her multiple deaths over thousands of years. These deaths are the result of fighting demons and the vengeance on one demon in particular, Alex. Alex has been alive through all of Diana's lifetimes and they keep encountering one another over and over. Diana doesn't know it at first, but she will soon be meeting with Alex yet again and her dreams might possibly become reality.

I will be honest, the main story is very good. It is hard to follow lot of the time though because all of the Warriors of Light involved in the plot have either dreams or flashbacks to previous lives. All Warriors of Light are reincarnated over and over in order to keep removing the demons from the world in the battle between Light and Dark. Each chapter has AT LEAST three dreams/flashbacks. Each one is more often than not from a different time period. I have read books that have had flashbacks in them that would basically bounce between a single flashback and current time over and over, but this story changes the timeline multiple times within the same chapter. It can be really frustrating at times because I personally just wanted to know what was going on right this moment for at least longer periods of time. I am not saying that it is a bad book, so please don't think that. Everything in it gives you insight into why the Warriors of Light are the way they are. It's why they have come together in the book. Their lives are all intertwined through out history. You really do need the information. I just think that it could have been organized a little better. I would have been happy with chronological instead of Pulp Fiction style. I really enjoyed reading all of the history and how Caron Rider interpreted it in order to fit into her world.

The book ended with such a cliffhanger that I will want to read the next book. I want to know what will happen between Alex and Diana now that they have found each other again. I want to know why the Warriors of Light were called to Rome into what appeared to have been a trap. If you like mythology and history, you should check this story out. It is a very interesting read.

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