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The Light Tamer: The :Light Tamer Trilogy book 1 (Volume 1) - Devyn Dawson This story takes something that I have encountered for probably half my life and gives it a reason. I am one of those people that can be walking down the street and the street light suddenly goes out for no reason. Then as I walk away from the light, it will come back on. I turn off lights in parking garages (which is pretty scary) and pretty much anywhere I go, especially at night. In this story, people that have these weird occurrences are quite possible Light Tamers. I am not entirely certain of the reason for the lights turning on and off other than the person is pulling the light into themselves. They are known to be healers. They tend to grow up and go into professions like doctors and veterinarians. They have a special gift that uses their light to heal others. However, there is one big issue. They have to "bond" with another light tamer before they turn 18 in order to not be susceptible to the Dark Ones. Dark Ones are ex-light tamers that have lost their own light and try to absorb the light of others. I don't entirely understand their purpose other than to create a balance between light and dark.

I know it sounds like there are plenty of things I don't quite understand, but I think that is part of the plan with the story. No one in the story truly understands what it means to be a Light Tamer. Their confusion and ignorance is portrayed with most of their actions and leaves you wondering what will happen next. In this story, Jessie and Caleb are already bound together by an event from three years prior where Caleb saved Jessie from drowning in the ocean. This causes the majority of the beginning to be them exploring what it means to be bound and whether that means they are destined to be together forever. They learn that Light Tamers can be bound to the same gender and it does not mean they have to date, but Caleb and Jessie appear to be drawn to each other even with that knowledge. This bond is tested at the end when Erebrus, a dark one from the underworld, tries to kill Jessie. Jessie is saved by another light tamer named Clark which "breaks" the bond with Caleb. I use quotation marks because it doesn't really seem like the bond is truly broken. You will need to read the book to find out what happens with that! Just know that Fate is on her side and you will very much enjoy this book.

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