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Breathless (King Series, #2) - Tawdra Kandle I read Fearless (book one in the King Series) as one of my first book reviews. I had not read many stories about people with psychological supernatural abilities or about witches in general. I found the first book to be wonderfully written and pleasantly surprised by Tawdra's ability to maintain a PG 13 (approximately) novel that also included supernatural elements. I have to say that Breathless is written just as well. The story is one that shows what happens at the start of senior year for Tasmyn when her boyfriend (and assumed future husband) Michael goes off to college four hours away. Michael is Tasmyn's first boyfriend and Michael's family has this wonderful trait of the men falling instantly in love with one and only one woman in their entire life. This makes it appear that having a long distance relationship will be easier because Tasmyn and Michael both feel this deep trust that the other will be waiting for them to either come home or graduate and go to college as well. Unfortunately, Tasmyn takes Michael's departure so hard she practically turns comatose.

Once the initial disaster of being alone passes, Tasmyn moves on to starting her senior year. She meets a new guy who is desperately interested in her and has a unique ability much like Tasmyn's mind-hearing ability. No they don't end up together. I will spare you thinking that Tasmyn walks off with another man. However, Rafe (the new guy) does create some interesting situations and even saves Tasmyn's life towards the end. Tasmyn loses a lot of friends in this book because of them going off to college and because of her latest enemy. What is surprising is that Nell, the murderous witch from book one, turns up again and again to help Tasmyn. You will be surprised at how that turns out. I know I was. I was also a little disappointed with how unwilling Tasmyn was to accept Nell's help. My biggest disappointment was her ignoring Nell's final warning and instead walks right into the arms (or classroom) of the enemy while not telling Michael of her choice. That is definitely going to cause problems in book three.

Overall I found the book easy to read and pretty enjoyable as well. I still found myself wondering if the Tasmyn and Michael would make it past second base, but even though I knew they wouldn't, I was still happy to see that they kept to their moral beliefs. Another great book by Tawdra Kandle.

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